Tovek Web Client

Intuitive access to information for everybody.

Easy to use, no need to learn anything complicated.

Mobile device support.

Information is accessible from your tablet or mobile phone.

Safety first.

Everything is secured by standard measures.


Start with a simple query

Start typing. The application will help you find the right terms for your query. The results will automatically be sorted according to what extent they match your query; they will be labeled according to predefined topics.

Enter additional parameters

In addition to the list of results, you will see several other panels that contain summaries of the results according to the chosen characteristics (date, relevant words, automatically identified names of people, etc.). On one screen you will see a full picture of your data. By selecting subjects within these panels, you can easily limit the result list to only what you are interested in.

Multiple perspectives

Depending on the type of data found, the optimal way of their presentation is automatically used. Text with marked words or phrases. Voice recordings along with automatic transcriptions. Video with subtitles. Scan of a document. Or the diagram of relationships between found entities.

Get a full overview

A dashboard overview gives you a complete picture of the data. At a glance, you'll get to know the current situation.

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