Tovek Tools

Clear information refined from raw data.

Tovek Tools will provide you with an analytical view of your data. All the data you have. Data you don’t yet have. Data you didn’t even know you could have.

Faster and better.

Are you in a hurry to respond? You will find the necessary information or documents faster. You don’t have to hurry? In the time saved, you can add more details and gain more knowledge.

Everything in one place.

Tovek Tools will give you unified access to all data; to the data shared within your company or organisation; data available via Internet services; even the data you have saved on your computer.


Find the needle in the haystack.

Our advanced query language allows you to find what you are looking for precisely. However, you can also start with a simple query and, by selecting each parameter, click your way through to the desired result.

Look at data from different perspectives.

Enter the subjects or topics of your interest and see their concurrence in the found results.

Get a full overview.

Sort your results by different parameters, both directly stated in the data and automatically retrieved from the content.

Discover hidden relationships.

View direct and find indirect relationships between selected objects.

Visualise and share anything.

Sum up your findings and pass it on to your colleagues. You can also share your knowledge directly through Tovek Server.

When to use Tovek Tools

Tovek Tools are used wherever an analysis of a large amount of disparate data is needed. In an investigation, in journalism, to support research and development, when mapping the competitive environment, evaluating customer communication, or detecting fraudulent conduct, and many other cases. Tovek Tools will find its use in all industries as well as in government organisations.

Who are the users of Tovek Tools?

Tovek Tools are designed primarily for advanced users and analysts.

How does it work?

Shared data are processed on connected Tovek Servers. Tovek Tools send requests and receive and display responses. During this process, user permissions are verified according to the settings for each server. All communication can be encrypted.

For local data processing, Tovek Tools use the same technology as Tovek Server.

Do you want to know more?Read this detailed description.

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