Tovek Tools

Tovek Tools is a desktop application for analysts. It offers, in particular, effective search, entity extraction, and linking, visualisation and reporting of facts and contexts. It processes the content of various unstructured and structured data, whether on a user's computer or connected via Tovek Servers.

The Tovek Tools desktop application has the same data fusion technology as the Tovek Server. Thanks to this original concept of hybrid data fusion, it is possible to simultaneously search information in data on various off-line local repositories in the file system, e-mail, or ODBC database, voice recordings, exports from mobile devices, as well as data made available online through Tovek Servers.

Tovek Tools allow content exploration and analytical search while visualising relationships, such as:

  • explicitly defined database links or tables
  • links based on the presence of identical automatically extracted objects (e.g. names)
  • links based on the relevance of the data content to simple or very complex queries
  • links based on geographical locations
  • links based on the coincidence in time or some other attribute


Tovek Tools save the time spent in searching for information in favour of the time dedicated to the information analysis and synthesis, and processing the results into a visual form. Working with data is significantly more effective, saving time and costs.

Tovek Tools offer unique search capabilities in heterogeneous data. Familiar logical operators for full-text keyword search are complemented by:

  • search operators for evaluating the relevance of words or phrases to a particular topic, and for calculating the score,
  • search operators for searching in structured data (path, surroundings),
  • search operators to use the results of one query in another query,
  • search operators for geographical location,
  • search operators for automatically extracted entities, and more.

Tovek Tools provide multilingual search as well.

Tovek Tools options

  • Tovek Tools Analyst Pack - a desktop application with full analytical functionality
  • Tovek Tools Search Pack - a search-only package
  • Tovek Server Client - a server client with no local data indexing capability

Active knowledge maps

Due to our concept of active knowledge maps you can create queries similar to thought mapsthat can easily be updated and shared within the knowledge base. For repeated types of queries, the complexity of the query language can be hidden behind user-friendly forms (e.g. find all documents with personal information about XY).

Analytical search

The unique methods of analytical searching allow for context analysis and content analysis of text data. Within the query results, you can quickly identify documents related to different combinations of topics within a chosen time or source. The automatically executed analyses of the searched content allow you to identify its topics and to select the relevant keywords for the following targeted search of related information (I'm looking for what I don‘t know that I don‘t know).

Entity extraction

Queries are not alone made up by words, but also by automatically extracted entities such as names of people, places, and states, web addresses, phone numbers, monetary amounts, and other items. The extracted entities are highlighted in the content of the found documents. You can use an entity type in your next search (e.g. find all documents where any entity "name" is near the word "minister"). Also, you can move key facts from documents into a diagram in the form of entities and links, and then save the resulting diagram to the knowledge base. Its content can, of course, be searched again.

When to use Tovek Tools

Tovek Tools are mostly used in investigation, journalism, research and development, fraud detection, or mapping of a competitive environment. In the commercial sector, they are mainly used by media agencies, information providers, or the financial industry - banks and insurance companies. In public administration, their robustness is appreciated primarily by government and public institutions, ministries, police forces, and security and intelligence communities.

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