Tovek Server

Order for databases, Tovek Server can handle chaos.

We process your data regardless of their format, repository, or language so that you can get the most out of them.

Do you have your data in order? All the better!

We will take over the defined structure of your data and use it to get even better results.

Do you not have all the necessary data? It does not matter.

We can arrange a wide range of data for you, from commercial databases, through media reporting, to content from the Internet.

All processed data will be made available to users through our Tovek Tools and Tovek Web Client applications.

It will also be made available to other applications using standard communication protocols.


Take a ringside seat bedside your data

All data is accessible from one user interface. Web browser for regular users, Windows or Linux applications for advanced users.

You won't miss anything essential

We process the content of both new and modified documents and notify specific users according to rules defined by you. Every user is informed in advance of all important changes.

Experts might leave, but their knowledge remains

The knowledge, findings and the experience of people within the company can all be shared and stored for future use.

Easily tailored for anybody

The modular architecture allows the precise creation of a solution, according to customer needs. A wide range of security features ensures data protection against unauthorised access. We also supply a modular complete Tovek Server Analytics license, designed primarily for analytical users.

Use cases

Tovek Server is used where large amounts of disparate data are processed, mostly when stored in different locations and different systems. It is suitable for use in all areas of the commercial sector as well as in State administration offices.

Typical users

Tovek Server is designed for anybody working within the organisation with any data. It saves time when searching for information and using it to solve role-specific tasks. Regular users do not need any specialised knowledge or training to work effectively. In addition, we will train specialists to meet the demanding requirements of management.

How does it work?

We do not need to interfere actively with existing information systems. The original data remains unchanged at its original location. From the data, we create internal registers that we use. Access rights are retained. Users can create and store additional information directly on our system. Tovek Server can be integrated with other operating systems. Would you like to know more? Read the detailed description.

Do you want to know more?Read this detailed description.

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