Tovek Server

Automated processing of large volumes of disparate unstructured and structured data for unified analytics by Tovek Tools desktop application and for providing search and monitoring services. As a result of the original data fusion process, the unique data structure (Tovek Index) enables effective search, linking and visualisation of the facts and contexts involved.

Tovek Server supports data processing in many languages, respects access rights, and allows you to store and share your existing work, link to other API applications, or provide search, monitoring, and categorisation services to users through the Tovek Web Client.

Tovek Server is a flexible solution that can easily be customised to existing technology and does not require any additional software or hardware to implement. The technical requirements may vary, depending on the solution you choose. You can run Tovek Server on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.


Tovek server offers unified access to disparate information sources

Tovek Server allows processing of a wide variety of different types of documents in one place without the need for integration of information sources. Within a single environment, users can quickly and easily process information from various databases, file systems, e-mail servers, websites, speech to text, media or business databases, or any other internal or external data. You can enhance the search result by including the knowledge and experience of the organisation‘s employees so that you can work with it in the Tovek Server environment.

Automatically delivers relevant information to users

Continuously processes all new documents and passes them on according to defined profiles to individual users. As a result, each user receives only those documents that correspond to own areas of interest.

New information can be delivered through a web interface, RSS, email client, SMS, or PDA.

Tovek Server adapts to specific requirements

The modular architecture of Tovek Server allows us to configure it according to the customer requirements and access it through our web services or client applications. It can easily be implemented in existing organisation information systems, intranet, or other portal solutions. You can define a wide range of security rules for users to access the information processed by Tovek Server.

Easy search for documents in multiple languages

The full-text queries can consist of multiple partial queries in the given languages so that you can search across multilingual data at the same time. The search results are merged into one integrated output that can be further processed. Tovek Server provides advanced support for many languages including English, Czech, Russian and Chinese.

Typical fields of application

Tovek Server finds its use wherever a lot of information is being processed, and there are several users to working with it. It is a part of the information systems of companies in all areas of the commercial sector, as well as in State administration offices.

Typical users

Tovek Server is designed for all users in an organisation, who can easily, quickly and locally find and then use the information needed to solve their tasks. Regular users do not need any specialised knowledge or training to work effectively. Specialists receive training to be able to reliably maintain the system in the current state and to meet management‘s demanding requirements.

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