Tovek Indexing

Make everything available.

To work effectively with data, we need to process it in advance.

No changes in the originals.

We need to read the data for preparation. We do not make any changes to them.

Automatic data updates.

New data or changes to existing data are processed automatically.


Unification of all data

We process data regardless of format and method of storage. We also support old, otherwise unsupported formats. We make data accessible from old information systems that you are not actively operating anymore.

Security is important!

The user rights are taken over from the processed systems. You control the access down to the level of individual documents.

Do you have overloaded information systems?

We can take part of the burden from them. When indexing, we can copy part of the data into our system. To access them, you don‘t need to access the original systems at all.

Additional information

During the processing, we can find more information in the data, especially in data which is entirely unstructured or only partially structured. We automatically extract important information from it.

How does it work?

We do not need to interfere actively with existing information systems. The original data remains unchanged at its original location. From the data, we create internal registers used by the system. The access rights are retained. Users can create and store additional information directly on our system. Tovek Server can be integrated with other operating systems. Do you want to know more? Read a more detailed description.

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