Tovek HUB

Ditch your maintenance worries.

With Tovek HUB, you work with an Internet connection, and worry only about updating your data. The system maintenance is left to us.

Use external data for your analysis.

With Tovek HUB, you can access commercial and publicly available data directly from Tovek Tools.

Your data are safe.

It’s standard for all communications to be secured by digital certificates.

With Tovek HUB, you gain access to new information which you can search. Furthermore, using our analytics tools, you'll also have the ability to link information from different sources and further work with it.

Our HUB services provide you with the access to commercial and public data.

  • Magnus - database of Czech business entities
  • Cribis - database of international business entities
  • On request - share with us the database to which you would like to subscribe when using Tovek HUB

We can build and run a similar system within your organisation to ensure the regular delivery of updated data. You will then be in full control of all the system access logs.

Schedule a meeting today for us to show you how the Tovek HUB service functions.