Drone | Control Unit | Li-Ion Battery | Digital Datalink

Lightweight and sturdy carbone composite fuselage. Expandable configuration, open-source mission planning and IP connectivity.

FOR END-USERS Ready-to-fly

Superhornets are suitable for a variety of commercial applications: Filming, security, inspections or scientific research. We provide the aerial platform, 4k camera on a gimbal, remote control, mission planning, datalink and power management.

ADVANCED USERS Add your own payload

The carbon-fibre plates, open frame gimbals, open source mission planner and IP-based datalink can be used to flight test new imaging technologies or sensors, without paying upfront for expensive ´black box´ systems.

GETTING HELP Application support

We can support your application specific needs such as geo-referenced pointing, sensor data integration, object recognition or LIDAR-based navigation in a GPS-free environment. The encrypted IP datalink allows for streaming Superhornet´s images and sensor data to 3rd party applications.

FOR DEVELOPERS Create your solution

Enhance your Superhornet with a LIDAR, multispectral camera or a remote release system. The payload can be mounted on the top or at the bottom of the fuselage which offers expansion possibilities for a wide range of devices. The synergy between Robodrone´s different business cores enables us to support your own development.



Superhornet-B is the basic configuration of the Superhornet-series. Low profile of 5cm and foldable arms give Superhornet the character of a compact drone, yet it offers the versatility of the larger UAVs. The configuration features a carbon fibre fuselage with foldable arms, Pixhack control unit, open-source Mission Planner, IP datalink, remote control and a 9,000 mAh Li-Ion battery. Superhornet-B can stream data from your IP cameras or other IP-based devices. Dimensions operational: L=490 mm, W=780 mm, H=1000 mm (with antenna) Max. endurance 40 min | Max. speed 30 km/h | Max. alt. 1000 m AGL | MTOM: 4kg



Superhornet-S is fitted with a removable 4k action camera on a 160-degree pitch gimbal. Superhornet-S offers ´upward´ views wherever needed - utility or bridge inspections, filming, or mountaing search operations. Dimensions operational: L=560 mm, W=780 mm, H=1000 mm (with antenna) Max. endurance 25 min | Max. speed 30 km/h | Max. alt. 1000 m AGL | MTOM: 4kg