Tovek GDPR tools

Most of the data in any organization lie outside its information systems such as DMS, ERP, CRM, or databases. It's mostly located on shared repositories, in old systems, or in files that employees store on local disks. We call them gray data. They live their own lives, in the shadows, outside of the processes described.

Tovek GDPR tools automatically detect personal data and sensitive information hidden within the gray data. They facilitate a gray data audit for GDPR purposes and the following continuous control over the measures taken to protect personal data and sensitive information. It results from years of experience in the development of analytical software, mainly used in security and investigation.

Tovek GDPR Tools

Tovek GDPR Tools is a desktop analytical tool that can detect personal data and sensitive information within gray data. It allows you to find out where the personal and sensitive information is in the organization. The initial analysis is carried out in the form of probes in selected gray data sources. For example, documents published on the organization's website, data on shared storage, or files on local computer disks.

Tovek GDPR Server

Tovek GDPR Server is a server application that can be connected to virtually any information source in the organization. It continuously monitors gray data in order to verify that measures taken to protect personal data and sensitive data are effective and that the set rules are not violated. Tovek GDPR Server also provides unified access to all gray data. With such unified access you can to centralize and manage access to gray data and keep it logged for audit purposes. It also saves time for users who can easily find the information they need by asking just once, regardless where the record is physically located.

Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

A contact center is no longer just a switchboard that transfers calls and handles customer requirements. It is a tool that ensures customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and generates profit. For the contact center to bring the desired effect, it is necessary to have a detailed overview of everything that is happening there.

The Tovek Solution for Contact Centers is a tool that allows you to get the most out of your contact center operation. It automatically evaluates all voice and non-voice communication. It identifies the needs of clients, controls the quality of operators' communication, and provides a comprehensive overview of the structure of the call centers' traffic.

The Tovek Solution automatically controls the quality of all calls with up to 90% accuracy. The Topic Detection Technology automatically sorts and evaluates incoming and outgoing communication, whether it be phone calls, emails, or chats.

Take advantage of the automatic delivery of reports to other departments in your organization. Use the possibility to link the system with your CRM software.

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Tovek Solution for Contact Centers:

  • Reduces the average time required for one call up to 80%
  • Allows quicker response to customer requests and traffic changes
  • Replaces manual work associated with the call, like tagging, and eliminates extra work
  • Analyzes voice biometrics
  • Helps to improve the performance of the operators, to optimize the training, and to plan the capacity of the call center
  • Shows clearly all information about the call center traffic on many customizable Dashboards

You can gradually extend the solution using other components and connecting more company data for different departments of your organization to take advantage of its capabilities.

ARMS - Analytical Research and Monitoring System

ARMS is the sensory organ of an organization that provides it with eyes and ears to perceive the flood of diverse information. It helps to apply the creativity and intuition of people for better decisions.

A weapon that every company must have for its survival at the time of digital transformation.

ARMS is the Tovek platform implementation that involves connecting important external information resources and integration with important internal information sources.

a) Create accurate, clear, and quick supporting knowledge for your decision-making on key projects or activities and for dealing with partners, customers, competitors, or authorities, using all available information.

b) Continually monitor external and internal information sources and report new information on relevant topics about your business's subject and environment, and key stakeholders (customers, competitors, suppliers, regulators).

c) Identify changes in the environment or the processes (trends, periodicities, deviations) based on changes in content and flow of information from various internal and external sources and systems.

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Within a company, ARMS is a vital asset mainly for:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Customer relationship management
  • Compliance (e.g., GDPR)
  • Risk management
  • Fraud management
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Due dilligence
  • Audit
  • Cyber security