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Start by contacting us. We will assist you to choose the most appropriate licensing model and tailored solution. If necessary, we will analyse your data sources, and offer a Proof of Concept for larger projects. Implementation of all projects and deliveries will be ensured by our dedicated technical support team. When working together, you can rely on our flexibility, experience, comprehensive services and personal approach.

Licence acquisition

Contact us, we'll introduce all our products and their capabilities to you in a live demo and start the journey leading to a solution tailored to your needs.

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Tovek HUB

With the Tovek HUB cloud service, you can access information resources from selected commercial or public providers. It allows you to link related information not only from different data sources but also with your organisation's information. Share with us the databases to which you would like to subscribe when using Tovek HUB.

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Technical support

Take advantage of our technical support and everything we offer. Helpdesk, new product versions, individual approach and readiness to advise on how our tools can handle the tasks assigned to you.

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Professional training

Choose from our product and analytical training courses, or request a training course to suit your individual needs.

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Technical support

Take advantage of our technical support and everything we offer. We offer more than just a Helpdesk and new versions of products that we continually improve and develop. We know that every customer deserves an individual approach. We are always happy to advise you on how our tools can handle your new tasks most efficiently.

Our dedicated technical support team also implements large-scale projects.

Subscribers to technical support may download additional materials in the Secured Support section.

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Telephone +420 222 728 129

Technical support


We offer a wide range of training courses that are open to anybody interested in working with data, not only to our current users. We offer standard product training, data analytics training, and tailor-made training according to individual user requirements.

Product training: Tovek Server, Tovek Server Analytics, Tovek Tools Analyst Pack, Tovek Tools Search Pack, Tovek Server Client.

We also offer training for IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, IBM i2 iBase User, IBM i2 iBase Designer, IBM i2 iBridge User and IBM i2 iBridge Designer.

All courses are in Czech or English.

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Telephone +420 222 728 129