We create a world which is based on valid, clear and timely information.

We are a Czech independent company. Our software tools for data processing decrease the gap between information and useful information. For 29 years already we have been developing cutting-edge software for analytical search and processing information from various unstructured and structured data sources.

We help companies and organisations to find, understand and use all the information that they have at their disposal. We provide not only the software tools developed by us, but also our premium technical support and friendly and helpful approach to our customers.

We value our long-standing relationships with our customers, including significant Czech and international companies and government organisations and agencies.

Our tools assist in
information for better and faster decisions.

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Welcome to the world based on valid, clear and fast information.

Information is really valuable, only if we can reapidly orient ourselves in it.

If your organisation is dependent on the use of information from vast or diverse sources, you will encounter a missing high-quality navigation every time you work on a project or are facing an urgent decision.

We're here to help you. Welcome!

Our key concepts

Hybrid fusion of data

Unified and easy access to the contents of your data is essential if you want to use their full potential. It does not matter if you have your data in databases, e-mails, or files, or if you have it in your computer or only have remote access to it. With our concept of hybrid fusion, you can uniformly search your data while retaining all access rights, and using the functionality of automatically extracted attributes and entities.

Active knowledge maps

There is an old saying "An answer is only as good as the question". The Active knowledge maps give you the possibility of building the knowledge needed to find the right information. Their structure resembles mind maps. With such knowledge, you will know what to look for, how to look for it and where to look. Using Active knowledge maps, you can naturally create a continuously updated knowledge base and share it within an expert search and automated monitoring of important topics.

Analytical search

Analytical search elevates a simple query to a powerful tool that evaluates and displays the results in context. It is a set of features that helps you rapidly to capture, analyse and visualise facts and the links between them. It also allows you to automatically monitor topics in your area of interest.

Knowledge sharing products

At each moment of your work, you are creating valuable outputs that you will be able to capture, transfer, reuse, share, or work with in collaboration with others. If you choose to share your work, the Tovek platform fully respects the Active Directory rights to the level of individual documents.

Let´s go Toveking!

Track, Organise and Visualise Elements of Knowledge from any data to provide correct, clear and fast answers.