TOVEK is a smart alternative to i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Are you familiar with i2 or similar platforms? Are you disappointed with the past development and looking for an alternative?
Do you need to create valid, clear and timely outputs for decision support by analyzing information from a wide range of diverse internal and external data sources both structured and unstructured?
Do you need to be flexible to choose between a compact solution consisting of a powerful analytical desktop for stand-alone workers or a secure server architecture and customizable web client for centralized, hybrid or large distributed deployment?
Do you also want a scalable solution that will enable you to share information in a team and provide valuable intelligence to others using automation?
Do you need all the above immediately and at a reasonable price?

Then consider upgrading to the Tovek Intelligence Platform! A solution based on 30 years of experience with investigative and intelligence analysis needs in both government and commercial sectors.
We have never placed investment in publicity at the forefront of our priorities, and yet in 2021 we won the Product of the Year award in CR. The customer, his trust, requirements and satisfaction have always been and will be in the first place for us. That may be why we never lost a single customer in the company's existence. That gives us the confidence to offer our platform as a full-fledged alternative to similar products from inflexible corporations or companies with ties to problematic geopolitical interests.
Tovek Intelligence Platform combines advanced functionality enabling processing large amounts of diverse structured and unstructured data with analytical, visualization and automation capabilities in order to produce and share intelligence and knowledge.
Tovek Intelligence platform is based on several original concepts that allow us to fulfill our corporate motto find – understand – use information.


information related to any topic of interest in any kind of data through our Hybrid data fusion concept and our unique and easy to use Tovek Query Language.


the information that is most relevant to you and reveal relationships hidden in vast data with our Active Knowledge Maps and Visual Knowledge Discovery capability.


intelligence for decision making through Visual presentation and Automation capability in order to support the distinctive decision maker’s needs: Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.

Introducing Tovek Products


Visual knowledge discovery

Tovek Tools will allow you to find what you need quickly, look at the data from multiple angles at the same time, discover hidden connections, and get a full overview.

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TovekWeb Client

Search for everyone

Every user can handle this simple and intuitive web client. With the mobile device support, you get instant access anywhere, anytime.

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Your information HQ

Tovek Server provides unified and effective access to the data stored in your information systems; while retaining all user access rights, of course.

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Making everything available

Regardless of whether your data are in files, in relational databases, in e-mails or on websites; in various formats, in multiple languages.

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We are driven by the passion to Find, Understand and use the information to make better decisions.

TOVEK platform is the analyst's Swiss army knife enabling you to carve Intelligence out of the Big Data.