Our successful partnerships

We work closely with Czech and foreign universities on a number of research projects. Thanks to this, we can always offer you innovative and progressive solutions.

We are proud members of these associations

Partners with whom we work on a number of specialized solutions with added value

Data providers

Academic cooperation

Business partner

We are always looking for creative, active and reliable partners to reach new markets, offer innovative and progressive solutions, and make more data accessible with our analytical tools.

You are a data provider, and would like to offer your data through the Tovek Platform.

You are a system integrator or software distributor and in search of reliable technology partners.

You have a software product or service, and you believe we could both benefit from cooperation.

You are an educational institution, and offer Data Analytics courses to your students, or need data analysis software tools for your research projects.

If one of the below applies to you

Contact us atpartnerships@tovek.com