KGATE solution
If you want to know

The ability to make the right decisions and respond in a timely manner to new situations is what makes a prosperous difference from the others. KGATE is your gateway to knowledge. It allows you to automate the information you have in your company, as well as information from outside, and effectively use it to make decisions at all levels. Whether it's a top manager or an operative, KGATE allows him to recognize what's going on in a timely manner, find the information he needs, and make the right decision.

KGATE is built on cutting-edge TOVEK technology, which is used wherever information plays a key role. It can be easily integrated into any organization's environment and quickly deployed. KGATE gives you a head start on your competition with knowledge. In many cases, the return on the solution is only a few months. Do you need to solve the current problem urgently, or do you want to try KGATE first?

KGATE for Contact CentersVoice analysis for contact centers

The contact center is an essential element in communication with customers. KGATE for Contact Centers allows you to evaluate the content of telephone calls automatically. You can respond more quickly to customer suggestions and changes in operations, control the quality of calls, better plan capacity, and train agents more effectively. However, the contact center doesn't only offer products and handle requests, but it is also a valuable source of information. KGATE for Contact Centers allows you to get the most out of customer interviews and use it across your organization. Due to new information so far hidden from your eyes, you can identify business opportunities, ensure customer retention, reduce costs, or prevent fraud.

KGATE for Human RiskEveryone has their secrets

Hidden economic, reputation, or relationship problems are the most common cause of a business or public office failure. The human factor also tops in the ranking of the security incidents causes. But everyone leaves a digital mark behind. KGATE for Human Risk allows you to easily verify the information provided by your employees and identify information that may become a threat or opportunity for you and your organization. It enables you to evaluate information that concerns crucial people for you, whether they are employees or business partners. Thanks to this, you will manage relationships better and prevent risks in time.

KGATE for Critical DecisionsSupport strategic decisions

Critical decisions are associated with time pressure, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Whether it is a business acquisition, litigation, arbitration, or incident investigation, these decisions are the responsibility of management directly in cooperation with the legal, security, audit, or crisis departments. Everyone in a given situation usually has the same information. The difference between your success or failure lies in how quickly you can evaluate this information and find the most important pros and cons. KGATE for Critical Decisions allows you to quickly find information about the problem you are solving, quickly orient yourself in it and make an informed decision.

KGATE for OSINTSolution for external data sources

Whatever your business, your success depends on your ability to process open information effectively. The CIA itself admits that 90% of its "secret" information comes from open sources. These sources can be media, registers, databases, and information from the Internet, conferences, and personal contacts. Many departments process such information - strategy, marketing, business, procurement, development, or security. The individual departments often do not cooperate as well as they should, and as a result, your organization uses the information inefficiently, and unpleasant errors occur. What's more, you repeatedly pay for the same information. The solution is KGATE for OSINT, which allows you to automatically process information from open sources and use it efficiently across the organization.

KGATE for Managing PlacesSolution for analyzing location information

Are you investing in a specific location? Are you responsible for its administration? Are you planning an event on the site? Are you investigating an incident here? In any case, you want to know everything necessary about the location to fulfill your need, obligation, or interest. Each territory changes over time, and many relationships, events, and interest groups are attached to it. There is a lot of information about each site from various sources: maps, geographic information systems, photographs, videos, satellite images, documents, cadastral databases, news from the media and social networks, or IoT data. KGATE for Managing Places allows you to gather all this information, put it into context, and use it effectively for a given activity or decision.

KGATE for Fraud ManagementInvestigation of insurance and financial fraud

Fraud affects more than 40 % of all companies. These can include insurance and credit fraud, credit card fraud, theft, corruption, money laundering, and very often neglected fraud within the company. However, all these threats have one solution, the essence of which is the quality evaluation of information. KGATE for Fraud Management allows you to identify loopholes in established processes and inconsistencies in people's behavior. It will help you detect fraud and prove it and significantly reduce costs, i.e., damages and losses. At the same time, effective Fraud Management will allow you to relax the scoring rules and increase your profit and competitiveness.