ARMS system

The Analytical Research and Monitoring System is the sensory organ of an organization that gives it eyes and ears to perceive a flood of information from various sources. It is built on the Tovek platform and designed to meet the police, army, and intelligence services' demanding requirements. ARMS help to apply the creativity and intuition of analysts, investigators, and reporters. It allows you to store, share and present the knowledge you gain effectively. It is a versatile weapon for survival in a time of digital transformation.

The ARMS system includes a connection to relevant information sources and an integration interface for connecting the organization's internal systems. It allows you to create the right, clear and fast basis for decision-making on key issues using all available information. The ARMS system ensures continuous monitoring of external and internal information sources and automatically sends new information about important events and key actors. It allows you to identify changes in the environment or processes based on changes in the content and flow of information in monitored resources.

ARMS for IntelligenceWhen you need to find a needle in a haystack

ARMS for Intelligence automatically evaluate large volumes of information from various sources and selects the essentials from them. It allows to process structured and unstructured data in multiple languages and formats and capture interest information. It uses active knowledge maps representing a particular entity's knowledge, such as various identifiers, names, surnames, nicknames, or pseudonyms of persons. It automatically alerts you to key events related to entities of interest and identified threats or opportunities. It provides fast and comprehensive information.

ARMS for InvestigationWhen you need to find out what happened

ARMS for Investigation makes it possible to analyze evidence uniformly obtained by various means. Hybrid fusion of forensic data, lawful interceptions, security camera recordings, or system logs allows you to compile a comprehensive picture of the investigated event or incident. It streamlines investigation teams' work and will enable you to present the knowledge gained, such as direct and indirect relationships between actors, time sequences, or geographical context. ARMS for Investigation significantly reduces the time required to gather evidence and present the findings of an investigation.

ARMS for SecurityWhen you need to manage risks

ARMS for Security allows you to connect information from the physical world and cyberspace. It can handle various physical and electronic identifiers such as MAC, IMSI, IMEI, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, or cell IDs. It identifies threats and unusual behavior patterns using line, geospatial, time analysis, and social network analysis. ARMS for Security informs about new vulnerabilities and methods of attack. It allows you to examine security events and determine their priorities based on the severity of their impact on the organization. It supports cooperation between experts from different fields, which is a condition for a holistic approach to the organization's security.