The right decision thanks to the facts presented in the necessary context.

The KGATE solution enables the creation of data for decision-making based on facts obtained by processing the organization's internal data and external information sources. It will allow those who have to decide to find out: what alternatives exist and what are the risks or hidden opportunities.

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Predominance thanks to unique knowledge obtained from multisoucre data.

The ARMS system allows you to monitor a large number of diverse information sources, identify information relevant to your organization's goals and critical areas, and create outputs for decisions on how to eliminate threats, seize opportunities, achieve benefits, and ensure security.

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A comprehensive picture of the situation thanks to the connection of evidence and partial knowledge.

The ARMS system makes it possible to process the content of very diverse information on insurance and financial fraud or other criminal activities, extract and link key facts, and present them in the context necessary for proving, suing, or out-of-court settlement.

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Holistic approach - connecting the physical world and cyberspace.

The ARMS system enables the synthesis of various information necessary for the comprehensive management of security risks and information processing related to security events and incidents for the effective assessment of their validity, causes, and impacts.

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Tovek Web Client 7.3.1. is the IT Product of the Year


For the sixteenth time, the editors of Computerworld magazine have been looking for the best products and services that can use the label IT product of the year. As in all previous years of the competition, the same selection criteria applied. Only products that stand out positively from competing devices of the same category could succeed - and therefore deserve the increased attention of potential users. Tovek Web Client 7.3.1. won an award in the Enterprise Software category.

We are the champions


The TOVEK crew on the Oceanis 45 sailboat did the impossible and, after winning all individual heats, became the overall winner of the regatta around the Ionian Islands.

TechNet Europe 2022


TOVEK joined a two-day conference and exhibition TechNet Europe 2022 under the theme "Artificial Intelligence: Indispensable for Future Planning and Execution of Military and Rescue Operations". TNE22 featured high-level speakers from all over the EU and NATO including our Business Development Manager Miroslav Nečas.

Forensic Technology Day


Great meeting at the 14th Forensic Technology Day - FT Day 2022 organized by mh SERVICE GmbH, the global partner for IT Forensics, in Kandel Germany. We were happy to be able to present the Tovek solutions to the numerous professional audience. Thanks to mh SERVICE for the invitation and great opportunity to share our digital forensic technologies.

TOVEK Academy Online in English


We are happy to announce the launch of TOVEK Academy Online for English speaking customers. This e-learning platform is intended for all foreign partners and customers. It offers tutorials and courses, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced users or for specific groups and solutions to specific issues.

Upcoming event: FT-Day


The FT-Day Germany's most important professional conference for IT-Forensics. Join us on our stand. We recomment don´t miss the prezentation TOVEK PLATFORM INTRODUCTION and a workshop Forensic technology integration with Tovek Tools.

Future Forces Exhibition


Let us invite you to the top event of this year! It takes place from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 October 2022 at exhibition center PVA EXPO PRAGUE. We look forward to meet you in Hall 2, Cyber Pavilion at the TOVEK stand.

Latest case study


Check out the latest case study Insurance Fraud Detection Using Tovek Technologies.

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