The right decision thanks to the facts presented in the necessary context.

The KGATE solution enables the creation of data for decision-making based on facts obtained by processing the organization's internal data and external information sources. It will allow those who have to decide to find out: what alternatives exist and what are the risks or hidden opportunities.

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Predominance thanks to unique knowledge obtained from multisoucre data.

The ARMS system allows you to monitor a large number of diverse information sources, identify information relevant to your organization's goals and critical areas, and create outputs for decisions on how to eliminate threats, seize opportunities, achieve benefits, and ensure security.

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A comprehensive picture of the situation thanks to the connection of evidence and partial knowledge.

The ARMS system makes it possible to process the content of very diverse information on insurance and financial fraud or other criminal activities, extract and link key facts, and present them in the context necessary for proving, suing, or out-of-court settlement.

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Holistic approach - connecting the physical world and cyberspace.

The ARMS system enables the synthesis of various information necessary for the comprehensive management of security risks and information processing related to security events and incidents for the effective assessment of their validity, causes, and impacts.

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The founders of TOVEK are handing over their positions to the younger generation


The company TOVEK, spol. s.r.o. celebrating 30 years on the market, is facing an exceptional moment in its history. The founders of TOVEK started this journey with a vision that brought them together and allowed them to rise to the position of a leading developer and supplier of a top analytics platform. Today, after three long decades, they have decided to hand over the helm of this amazing ship to younger colleagues.

We are heading to IDEB 2023, October 3 - 5, 2023 in Bratislava, SVK


Visit our booth and we will convince you that we can link, search and visualize any of your data. We have prepared for you examples from the field of OSINT, SIGINT and others, in which we have been helping our customers for 30 years.

Does the human brain stand a chance?


What to believe? A conference about AI and human mind presents this year's program and speakers, experts in the field of new technology development, artificial intelligence, business, neuroscience, social media and philosophy. We are looking forward to meet you November 9, 2023.

NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) Plenary


At the NIAG plenary session in Riga 13.6.-15.6. 2023, our colleague Miroslav Nečas performed excellently. He presented the results of a working group of sixty experts from fifteen countries as the leader of this team.

ISS World Europe


ISS World Europe is the world's largest gathering of regional analysts. Our colleague Petr Vancl dazzled with a live demonstration of data analysis from various sources and systems enabling the cooperation of police and intelligence agencies such as OSINT, COMINT, FININT, etc.

Czech-Slovak Technology Summit 2023 (C-STS)


We thank everyone who visited us in Mikulov. As a partner, we participated in the largest Czech-Slovak networking in the areas of cyber security, artificial intelligence and EDIH.

The Conference of the Joint Forces 2023


It was a pleasure to meet you at VII. conference of the Joint Troops of the Army of the Czech Republic in Lipník nad Bečvou. TOVEK has traditionally participated as the main partner of the event.

Introducing the speakers of this year's „Brain“


This year's conference Does the human brain stand a chance? will once again welcome famous speakers. The invitation was accepted by Jan Antolík, Neuroscientist and assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University; prof. Ing. Bohuslav Přikryl, Ph.D, Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation CSG Aerospace; Josef Šlerka, Head of New Media Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University; Jan Tyl, CEO and developer, Alpha Industries and many others.

"Find, Understand, Use - Intelligence platform for data analysis"