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The right decision thanks to the facts presented in the necessary context.

The KGATE solution enables the creation of data for decision-making based on facts obtained by processing the organization's internal data and external information sources. It will allow those who have to decide to find out: what alternatives exist and what are the risks or hidden opportunities.

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Predominance thanks to unique knowledge obtained from multisoucre data.

The ARMS system allows you to monitor a large number of diverse information sources, identify information relevant to your organization's goals and critical areas, and create outputs for decisions on how to eliminate threats, seize opportunities, achieve benefits, and ensure security.

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A comprehensive picture of the situation thanks to the connection of evidence and partial knowledge.

The ARMS system makes it possible to process the content of very diverse information on insurance and financial fraud or other criminal activities, extract and link key facts, and present them in the context necessary for proving, suing, or out-of-court settlement.

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Holistic approach - connecting the physical world and cyberspace.

The ARMS system enables the synthesis of various information necessary for the comprehensive management of security risks and information processing related to security events and incidents for the effective assessment of their validity, causes, and impacts.

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New version Tovek Server


We are distributing a new version of Tovek Server 6.11. Customers with active technical support will be provided with new versions.

New version Tovek Tools


A new version of Tovek Tools 7.7 is available. The installation file and newsletters are available in the technical support section.

Are you looking for INDEPOL alternative?


INDEPOL was an Intelligence Storage and Retrieval application used by Intelligence, Defence and Police over the world. INDEPOL was a product by ICL (International Computers Limited), a British company specializing in mainframe computers. INDEPOL was widely used thanks to its rapid response, ease of use and simplicity of implementation. A team of four designed and implemented a pilot solution in a few weeks.

Wrote about us - Signal Digital, Up-Tempo Technology Progress Shifts Power Balance


The scale may be tipping as China’s massive focus on innovation surges. NATO is at risk of losing its technology edge because of emerging and disruptive technologies increasingly developed within the civil sector. The growth of peer competitors’ determination, especially China, and the decline of technology…

New partner in Hungary


We are proud to welcome a new foreign partner into our ranks. Digital Forensics has become a new partner for the sale of Tovek systems on the Hungarian market.

New TOVEK promo video


We have released a new promo video to the world. We hope you enjoy it.

New version Tovek Web Client


We are distributing a new version of Tovek Web Client 7.2.4. Customers with active technical support will be provided with new versions.

New version Tovek Server


We are distributing a new version of Tovek Server 6.10.4. Customers with active technical support will be provided with new versions.

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